Ajman in an Afternoon (United Arab Emirates)

During our stay in Sharjah, we decided to take a day trip to Ajman (pronounced: ADZH-man). This was our third emirate out of seven. Even though it’s the smallest emirate, I think Ajman has enough to offer for a couple of days, depending on one’s interests and ‘disposable’ income. We visited Ajman on Monday the 22nd of February, 2021 on this 4.6-kilometer long walk. Contents1 Sharjah to Ajman2 Walking Ajman Corniche3 To the Center of Ajman4 Ajman Heritage District5 Ajman’s Marina6 List of Things to Do in Ajman7 Map of our Trip to Ajman8 Good Intel? Save for Later or … Continue reading Ajman in an Afternoon (United Arab Emirates)