A Modern Odyssey

At the marina I met this Italian lady who is an actress with a theatre company sailing all over Europe to perform. Fittingly, they’re doing part of Homer’s Odyssey, right here at the marina. They let me sleep in the dressing room/loft and the cooks are Dutch and they’ve fed me and taken excellent care of me. They’re going to #Lampedusa, the little Italian island southwest of here – notorious as the first port of call for overloaded, non-seaworthy dinghies full of trafficked fortune seeking immigrants from the conflict regions of the world – in a few days and there’s a sort of invitation open for me to join them to there and onwards to #Sardinia. I wouldn’t be on time for the #HitchGathering in #France, but it would be extremely cool to travel with these people and see them perform everywhere. I still don’t have a boat hitch to #Sicily (or anywhere else for that matter), but I keep looking!
#Malta #Odyssey #boathitching #hitchhiking #couchsurfing #GrandHarbour #GrandHarbourMarina #GrandHarbourMalta #Italy (at Grand Harbour Marina, Vittoriosa, Malta)

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