Hitchhiker’s Picknick

Finally I met up with this French guy who is also a hitchhiker! We’ve been talking for weeks trying to meet up but it happened in #Tiranë! He was with his friends from #France and #Germany and we were just chatting and chilling in the park with a cute puppy and the guy who took this picture who managed to quit smoking by joining the Church of Latter Day Saints. When saying goodbye to my new friends after a couple of hours this guy “randomly” walked in on me again and then he tried to fucking kiss me, which was avoided with a gentle push and a calm “sod off, idiot”. That was only the second time this shit happened to me in #Albania, so on average it’s not so bad. Moral of the story: friends are cool and perverts are all around.
#Tirana #Shqipëri #nomadsmeetup #nomads #hitchhiking #autostop #tribeofhitchhikers #pervertseverywhere #streetharassment (at Tirana East Gate, Qender Tregetare , Tirane)

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