They told me I could be Anything

I think it’s time to hop on the bandwagon of #inspirationalquotes and pictures to expand the blog and do silly shit to go #viral on the Internet, so here’s my first attempt! 😉 I took this photo when I was #hitchhiking in #Iran to the great city of #Shiraz. No thumb, because anyone who’s read #hitchwiki on the country knows that a thumb means something similar to a middle finger in the west. Now let’s post this picture to #Pinterest and all that stuff to get the word out there that #HitchhikingAintDead and a completely valid way of #traveling, whether female/male.. if you’ve got more ideas for hitchhiking quotes to put on pictures please comment! This is just the beginning 😉
I’m at my destination in #Spain by the way, sorry for not keepiny you posted (you know I love you) as I was stretching my bones and relaxing for a few days.
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6 thoughts on “They told me I could be Anything

  1. I really enjoy when i saw your instagram pages,i think many peoples in iran don’t know about hitchkiking.i hope you had good seconds in iran.

  2. HI
    I was worry about solo female travel and hitchhike in Iran, now you give me more faith to plan my trip! Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

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