Power Outages

Yes, that’s a torch on my head. I’m freaking night blind!
The last few days were marked with ultimate chill, beer, new friends and the dog. Also this small thing: massive primetime #thunder and #lightning that was our TV for two days and the subsequent power outages (hence no internet and no posts!), which is perfect for reading a book or fixing my #backpack by candlelight and cooking meals (pancakes) on Real Fire. Tomorrow is the day I’ll go to the local spring to fill up our drinking water reserves and celebrate #Montenegro’s Independence Day from the dock of the bay. For now, im enjoying the short internet time at pizzeria Laki here in #Kruče and then go back to #chillmode. #Hitchhiking to #Albania just has to wait a little bit longer!
#CrnaGora #unplug (at Pizzeria Laki)

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