Accommodation in Estonia: Booking Homes in Tartu, Tallinn, and Kärdla

What to expect of accommodation in Estonia as a digital nomad? We stayed in Estonia from the 9th of October till the 25th of October, 2023. These are the places we booked to both work online from and have fun day trips. Contents1 Cruiseferry from Mariehamn to Tallinn2 Tartu⭐3 Tallinn (Metropol Hotel)4 Tallinn (Catsit)5 Kärdla, Hiiumaa Island⭐6 Unlock the Prices of Accommodation in Estonia7 Wish to share this article? That’s totally fine with me Cruiseferry from Mariehamn to Tallinn Since this bit already appeared in the accommodation in the Åland Islands article, I tucked this one away. But yes, weContinue reading

Hotel Moskva: Perhaps My Favorite Building in Belgrade (Serbia)

I don’t only appreciate brutalist architecture; it’s one of many styles I enjoy looking at. Hotel Moskva is one of my favorite buildings in Belgrade, Serbia. It’s a pretty iconic building and looks just so cozy. I’m absolutely dying to go to Moscow one day (and perhaps stay at the Belgrad Hotel over there, you know, for symmetry purposes). And no, I’ve never entered the Hotel Moskva because I imagine it to be very fancy. So instead, I’m waiting here across the street for a friend to arrive from the Netherlands. ) is one of my favorite buildings in Belgrade, Serbia.Continue reading