East Asia

Finally, in Autumn 2019 I went to East Asia for the first time. Unfortunately, it was just a short five-day stopover in Shanghai on China’s 144-hour visa-free deal. It was my first time and it was Jonas’ second time.

Even though I didn’t have a lot of time to explore, I did manage to catch one ride with three lovely people. You can read that story of how we hitchhiked over the Donghai Bridge here. As you can see below, I only wrote three posts about my experiences, with the plan to return to the region and experience more.

After Shanghai, we went to Thailand in Southeast Asia – yes, these categories are always a little arbitrary – where we celebrated the start of 2020. We had more plans to return to East Asia when summer would return to the northern hemisphere, but then… you guessed it… COVID-19.

For now, this category will remain a tiny one.

9 Important Apps to Download Before Your Trip to China

These are the applications we downloaded before we traveled to Shanghai, China. We were in Shanghai on China’s 144-hour visa-free policy. We downloaded these apps and maps in advance of our 5-day Shanghai itinerary. I’m using a Xiaomi phone working on Android and Jonas uses an iPhone with iOS. All apps mentioned in this article are available for free. 2020 update: If you manage to enter China during/after the coronavirus outbreak, it’s likely that you’ll need to download the government-approved COVID-19 tracking app called ‘Health Code’ by Alipay (支付宝健康码). If you have any experiences with this app I’d love itContinue reading

144 Hours in Shanghai: My 5-Day China Itinerary

This is about October/November 2019 when I visited Shanghai for a five-day stopover. This happened from Thursday the 31st of October till Tuesday the 5th of November, 2019. That’s when we flew on to Chiang Mai, Thailand. We traveled to China visa-free with the 144-hour on arrival visa. Though it’s our personal itinerary, this article also contains a wealth of information on things to do and see in Shanghai on your 144-hour visa. Here you can find a handy map of our itinerary and the sights. Here’s a list of must-download apps for your trip to Shanghai or elsewhere in China.Continue reading

Hitchhiking the Donghai Bridge from Zhejiang to Shanghai

These events happened on Sunday the 3rd of November, 2019. We’d taken the bus from Dishui Lake (Dīshuǐ hú: 滴水湖) in Shanghai Municipality (Shànghǎi shì: 上海市) to Yangshan Island  (Yáng shān: 洋山) in Zhejiang province (Zhèjiāng shěng: 浙江省) via the Donghai Bridge (Dōnghǎi Dàqiáo: 東海大橋). After sightseeing at one of the scenic areas, we wanted to hitchhike back the same way to Shanghai. Click here to read about our full 144-hour Shanghai itinerary. Here are all the apps you need before you travel to China. Contemplating Hitchhiking in Yangshan We’d spent a little over an hour hiking around the beautiful rocky area at Xiaoyang Mountain (Xiǎo yángContinue reading