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Over the years, I’ve seen many adventure blogs come and go. Some have moved on from their adventures, others have lost interest in writing them. Some might have been hacked, while others simply want to stop paying for a domain. Not publishing new content is one thing, but that content going away forever is a whole different situation. It’s a situation that makes me very sad when I can’t find a great adventure story again. That’s why I’m offering people who want to quit blogging but want to keep their stories alive to archive their blog onto this website.

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As long as you have a blog full of adventure travel stories, they’re welcome to find a new home on Mind of a Hitchhiker. As long as your stories are mostly about hitchhiking, hiking, kayaking, sailing, cycling, backpacking, or other adventurous modes of travel, your content is welcome here. Just shoot me an email via this contact form and put the word “blog archive” in the subject line. If your domain still exists, share it in the email. Then we can discuss how you want your blog to keep existing. Do you still have questions? Keep scrolling.

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    How does this blog archive thing work?

    Well, I haven’t archived any travel blogs as of yet, but I think it will work as follows:

    1. Send me your domain
    2. I look at it and approve
    3. Your original stories and photos will get transferred to my blog
    4. You can choose whether you still want people to comment on your posts or not
    5. You can safely delete your blog after double-checking that everything is here
    6. A few days/weeks/months later, Google knows that your adventure stories have moved here
    7. People Google for your story or browse this site and come across your adventure and enjoy reading it

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