HitchFail of the Year

Philosopher Jagger once said “you can’t always get what you want” and that’s what happened as I couldn’t find a boat willing to take me to #Sicily from #Malta and therefore was forced to use the extortionately priced ferry! After more than three weeks in Malta and almost one week at the marina, enough was Read more >

Airplane Hitchhiking

I guess this is the in-flight airplane hitchhiking selfie with the pilot you’ve been waiting for! “Johnny Bravo Yankee, prepare for landing..” listening to the radio stuff is quite entertaining, but I wouldn’t want to have the responsibility over an aircraft honestly, so I can scratch off becoming a pilot off my list of potential future jobs.. and I’m back to just being a hitchhiker. The pilot made the smoothest landing ever on Malta’s runway and obviously I took many (shitty) photos and videos through the window. I love small airplanes! I love the amount of intimidating sensors and screens in the cockpit! I love Malta from all angles! So much fun it was. Cheers to the pilot! Read more >


I’ve seen #Malta from the sea, explored most of it over land and now the sky too.. what did just happen? I can’t believe it yet either, but I think this was the first time I hitchhiked an #airplane. But is it #hitchhiking if I landed on the same #airport? Yes, I’m still on Malta. Read more >

A Modern Odyssey

At the marina I met this Italian lady who is an actress with a theatre company sailing all over Europe to perform. Fittingly, they’re doing part of Homer’s Odyssey, right here at the marina. They let me sleep in the dressing room/loft and the cooks are Dutch and they’ve fed me and taken excellent care Read more >

Sleepless in Gozo

This morning I woke up on #Gozo in my sleeping bag at the drydocks of #Dwejra. There’s a little inner sea here that formed a natural harbor for small fishing boats and that cave you see in the background is where the boats enter and leave this calm protected area. Some people woke me up Read more >


I hitched to the island of #Gozo today and whatever the guidebooks say is true! It’s much calmer and it’s still really hot. I’m now at #Dwejra where there’s some massive rocks with massive holes in the sea. I hope to go #camping here with my borrowed skeleton sportsbag that contains my inner tent, sleeping Read more >

Boat-Hitching 101

I’m sittin’ on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away Oh, I’m just sittin’ on the dock of the bay wasting time to find a #boathitch to #Italy! Nothing yesterday, nothing today, but patience is key! About 70% of people in the marina in #Guavia knows me by now through a hardcore Read more >

Montenegrin Sunsets

Dear friends, followers and fans! I’m currently residing in the small town of #Kruče, #Montenegro for a couple of days with my friend and fellow #hitchhiking nomad Aleksandra and her dog Lu Lu (pictured). She has an amazing place and leads a simple lifestyle in this beautiful beachside town. She hitchhikes together with her dog Read more >

Maltese Hitchroute

Take a peek at my next approximated hitchhiking route, bringing me to Malta! It’s three times when I’ll have to hitch a boat: Albania to Italy, Italy to Sicily and Sicily to Malta. How? I have no clue yet, I’ll see it once I’m there. Follow the whole story on www.facebook.com/HitchhikerMind for recent updates!