Malta: My First Time Hitchhiking an Airplane

I’ve seen Malta from the sea, explored most of it overland, and now I’ve seen it from the sky too… what did just happen? I can’t believe it yet either, but I think this was the first time hitchhiking an airplane.

But is it hitchhiking if I landed at the same airport? Yes, I’m still in Malta. Let me know what you think by commenting: yay or nay?


Photo snapped at Airport of Malta

Edit from the Future About Hitchhiking an Airplane

I took this photo of myself before the flight. Some things happened on that little airplane that I don’t remember fondly. A few months later, I wrote this piece on my experiences with the airplane hitch over Malta. I was never in any danger, but I do recommend reading the extended article about this airplane hitchhiking experience.

I sat to the right of my pilot at the time of hitchhiking. He acted all kind and mature as shit until we were somewhere above Gozo. That’s when he changed his tune and became a gross old man.

Perhaps I should have seen the warning signs when he said we were driving a “collection car” to the airport. No good can come out of someone saying that word combo with a straight face.

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