My University Thesis About Hitchhiking

From February 2018 till January 2019, I had to take a gap year from travel to finish university. The final task at university was to write a thesis. A thesis is a rather long text of some research I’ve done. I did my research about hitchhiking and danger perception. That’s the short version.

Since I put in a lot of effort in writing this thesis, I’d like to share it with the world. Perhaps more than five people will read it, which is nice because it’s nearly 18.000 words long and was a lot of work to write. I interviewed five hitchhikers who shared their lived experiences with me and their stories can to travel further than just my ears as well. And perhaps some other poor university student finds some use in it.

Enjoy the long read!

For Researchers

If you’re looking to cite this article in your own research – in APA-style – please do it like this:

Veldwijk, I.T. (2019) “But hitchhiking is DANGEROUS!” – How Hitchhikers Cope with the Pressures and Perceived Dangers of Hitchhiking by Society. ​Mind of a Hitchhiker/Maastricht University. Retrieved from: ​

To download the thesis as a PDF onto your device, use this link:

Link to PDF

If you have any questions about my research, you can leave a comment or contact me here.

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To graduate from university and be debt-free to travel forever, I had to write a thesis. For my thesis, I interviewed five hitchhikers about their experiences with danger perception by themselves, by others, and by society as a whole. #Hitchhiking #travel #journey #thesis #capstone #university #maastrichtuniversity #studentdebt #debt #debtfree #hitchhiker #adventure #roadtrip #abroad #hitchhikers #hitching #autostop #graduate #graduating #bachelorsdegree

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