Welcome to the category of blog posts about traveling in the continent of Africa.

A brief history of my travels there:

  • Morocco: visited in 2012 (I think) for a few days with a girlfriend. I didn’t know about hitchhiking back then so I still have to return one day!
  • Tunisia: visited in 2018 for one week when I had one week of vacation from university. I loved Tunisia and I’m eager to travel back. I hitchhiked once with some great people from Hammamet back to Tunis, with Jonas. Not a lot of time spent, I know, but I had to be back in class the following Monday
  • Cabo Verde: visited in 2019 for 88 days with Jonas after graduating from university. Great times! I hitchhiked a bunch of times on different islands. All distances are very short because the islands are so small. I visited Sal, São Nicolau, São Vicente, Santo Antão, Fogo, Brava, and Santiago. I’d love to go back and visit Maio and Boa Vista
  • Mauritius, Madagascar, and Ethiopia: between 2021 and 2023. Jonas and I were in Mauritius for almost a year on the premium visa

Thank you for coming to the category about Africa. I hope you find something that you’ll enjoy!

How to Get an Ethiopian SIM Card

We arrived in Ethiopia on the 26th of January, 2023 and immediately bought an Ethiopian SIM card at the airport. Here’s our experience and how you can get mobile data in Addis Ababa and beyond.    Contents1 Ethio Telecom Monopoly2 Buying the Ethiopian SIM Card at Addis Ababa Airport (ADD)3 Where to buy a SIM card in Ethiopia?4 How to top-up your Ethiopian SIM card?5 How to buy a data package?6 FAQ6.1 I’m entering Ethiopia via a land border, where can I buy a SIM card?6.2 Where can I find my own number?6.3 How to check my balance?6.4 Should IContinue reading

Ethiopian Food and Drink I Scarfed Down as a Vegetarian in 30 Days

As a traveling vegetarian, Ethiopia is quite an easy country to visit. Many national dishes are vegetarian or vegan. These are the Ethiopian food and drinks I wolfed down during my one-month stay in Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar, and Lalibela. Contents1 How to Find Out Which Ethiopian Foods are Vegetarian?2 Ethiopian Food and Drink Diary3 Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony3.1 No popcorn, just popcorn3.2 Full coffee ceremony at Alem Restaurant, Lalibela3.3 Introduction to Tana Adam3.4 Popcorn!4 Helpful? Please consider buying me a flaxseed juice!5 Spread your love for Ethiopian food How to Find Out Which Ethiopian Foods are Vegetarian? Ever since theContinue reading

Bete Amanuel, Lalibela: Wonder of the Ethiopians

We visited the wonder on the 7th and the 10th of February, 2023. Bete Amanuel is a spectacular church carved out of a single rock in northern Ethiopia. It makes an appearance in the video game Age of Empires II as the wonder of the Ethiopian civilization. Contents1 One of the Reasons We’re in Ethiopia2 Want to visit Lalibela with Mas?3 First Visit to Bete Amanuel4 Second Visit to Bete Amanuel5 Bete Amanuel as Represented in Age of Empires II5.1 AoE2 Bete Amanuel vs. the Real Deal5.2 Campaign appearance of Bete Amanuel5.3 Why Bete Amanuel and not the arguably moreContinue reading

Madagascar for Digital Nomads: A New Frontier

This guide to Madagascar also appears under the Digital Nomads Guides brand Contents1 Why Madagascar?1.1 Introduction to the Red Island1.2 Which Digital Nomads can make it work in Madagascar?1.3 Income + language skills + experience2 Money3 Internet4 Plugs + Power Cuts5 Accommodation5.1 Laundry + services6 Food6.1 Restaurants6.2 (Super)markets6.3 Vegetarian food + dietary restrictions7 Transport7.1 Entering Madagascar7.2 Local transport in the cities7.3 Road/rail transport between cities7.4 Boat travel7.5 Domestic flights8 Business Hours9 Visa10 Culture, Language & Religion11 Safety11.1 Traffic11.2 People11.3 Health11.4 Nature12 Useful Facebook Groups13 Final Words Why Madagascar? Introduction to the Red Island Madagascar is basically its own continent. ThoughContinue reading

Getting a SIM Card in Madagascar: Orange, Telma, and Airtel

We bought our Malagasy Orange and Telma SIM cards on the first full day in the country, the 16th of November 2022. The last SIM card in Madagascar, Airtel, was trickier to get in the capital. I’ll explain below why we’re getting multiple SIM cards from different providers.  Contents1 TL;DR Which SIM Card in Madagascar Should I Choose?2 Our Experience Buying a SIM Card in Madagascar3 Orange SIM Card in Madagascar3.1 Where to buy an Orange Madagascar SIM card3.2 Topping up your mobile data via Orange Money3.3 Checking your Orange data and balance4 Telma SIM Card in Madagascar4.1 Getting theContinue reading

Money in Madagascar: the Ariary, Cash, ATMs, Orange Money + MVola

Paying for things in Madagascar isn’t as straightforward as in many other countries. Here’s how to get your hands on fat stacks of Malagasy Ariary, how to use the mobile money apps in the country, and how to identify when people are quoting prices in Malagasy Franc (†2005). Using money in Madagascar is very intertwined with having a Malagasy SIM card, so check out that article as well. Contents1 Intro to The Ariary—Paper Money Only2 Costs and Dual Pricing3 Communicating Prices with Malagasy People3.1 Recognizing when people quote in the old Malagasy Franc (FMG)3.2 When people quote prices in Euros,Continue reading

Ranohira: Our First Time Hitchhiking in Madagascar

This happened on the 29th of December, 2022. Jonas and I did our first cursory hitchhiking in Madagascar session. Since it was so spontaneous and unplanned, the featured photo of this article was taken on the 2nd of January, 2023 while waiting for our cotisse from Ranohira to Ambalavao and does not represent the text below. Tired As Fuck After eating lunch and asking the Isalo National Park office about tours, I was quite exhausted. We’d traveled from Toliara at sea level to Ranohira at 1000 meters by cotisse. Though we had expected lower temperatures at this altitude if anythingContinue reading

Madagascar Tourist Visa Extension in Toliara: 30 Days Extra

We tried to extend our tourist visa in Madagascar in the coastal city of Toliara, aka Tuléar or Toliary. Our first visit attempt was on Friday the 23rd of December, and the next time Monday the 26th of December. Trying the Madagascar tourist visa extension around Christmas was obviously not ideal. Contents1 Why Extend the Madagascar Tourist Visa?2 Where to Extend Your Tourist Visa in Madagascar3 Researching the Malagasy Tourist Visa Extension4 Attempt 1: Friday before Christmas5 Attempt 2: Visa Extension Progress?5.1 Bitter boomers5.2 A useless sidequest5.3 Paying for the visa extension6 Attempt 3: We got it!7 Madagascar Tourist VisaContinue reading

Morondava: Avenue of the Baobabs + Baobab Fruit Experience

We visited the Alley of the Baobabs aka Avenue of the Baobabs on the 12th of December, 2022. Before that, we ate some baobab fruit we bought at the central market of Morondava, west Madagascar. Contents1 Our First Encounter with Baobab Fruit (Back in Mauritius)2 Buying + Eating Baobab Fruit in Morondava3 Visiting the Avenue of the Baobabs by Taxi3.1 Arranging a taxi to L’Allée des Baobabs3.2 Uh-oh3.3 Driving to L’Avenue des Baobabs to see the sunrise3.4 Driving north3.5 The Sacred Baobab (Baobab Sacré)3.6 To the Baobab’s in Love (Baobabs Amoureux)3.7 The long drive back to Morondava4 Good info? PonderContinue reading