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Brand Collaborations

I’m available and interested in collaborating with brands related to travel, destinations, self-defense and outdoors sports. My blog is mainly about hitchhiking, hiking, (wild-)camping, exploring new places, meeting people, photography and stuffing my face with delicious goodies. My audience is always looking for exciting stories, valuable content and new experiences, so if you do or sell something that might be interesting, don’t hesitate to drop a line in my contact form!

Blog Collaborations

For fellow bloggers seeking collaborations: I’m happy to hear about your interesting guest post idea and you can also use this fabulous contact form above! Just make sure to put “guest post” in the subject title.

And why would I do that?

Mind of a Hitchhiker has a unique set of readers interested in adventure in the modern age. All age groups and genders are about equally represented in my readership and love to interact with me on my blog and social media accounts. The majority of readers come from the USA, followed by a heavy representation in Europe and the Middle East and currently a growing number from Latin America as I’m hitchhiking there right now. My following on social media such as Instagram (15.000+), Twitter (27.000+) and my Facebook Page (5.000+) is big, loyal and very engaging. That reach goes wide and far, just like me!

I get many questions on what traveling gear I bring, which is a good indicator that my folks are interested in buying better gear for their own travels. Relatively few of my readers hitchhike on a regular basis themselves and most of them don’t fit the “poor traveler” view of hitchhikers. Many of them are interested in being as well-prepared as I am when it comes to hitting the road. If you’re a company interested in working together with Mind of a Hitchhiker, make sure to drop a line with your idea in the contact form!