Vlog: Border Crossing Chile to Argentina

In my second vlog I’m hitchhiking across the border from Chile to Argentina over two days time. It requires me to take a (highly subsidized) Chilean ferry across a beautiful lake and deal with immigration and no man’s land between the two countries. It’s autumn in South America in April and I’m still going further Read more >

Chiloé Archipelago

It’s hard to imagine I’ve spent nearly two weeks here, but the time really did fly by island hopping and digital detoxing in the Chiloé Archipelago. It’s a group of islands in the south of Chile that many drivers had spoken of before about how special this place is. Not a single driver was like Read more >

South! Por Favor…

“SOUTH” It is the only hitchhiking sign I’ve really needed to travel down Chile. A month ago I was already getting (truck) rides offered to Puerto Montt, but until now I always had to respond with that I wasn’t going that far south, yet. Until now. I’ve actually arrived in Puerto Montt and it wasn’t Read more >