It’s a Vlog! Hitchhiking Southern Chile

I had been playing around with this idea for a while now but here it is… my first vlog! Some fans had shown their interest before in me making a video of a day in the life of a hitchhiker, but I never really went for it until now. It took some nerves to use that ‘recording’ button for the first time with my face in it, but what’s really the difference from taking a photo? That’s just beside my complete lack of video editing skills until I tried with the help of Windows Movie Maker and what Youtube provides, with tips from a friend. It took me hours to put this baby together, but I’m sure that if you like it, I’m going to make more vlogs and get better at the technical stuff.

In this very first vlog, I’m hitchhiking from Puerto Montt to the Osorno volcano at Llanquihue lake in the south of Chile. Eventually, I go camping, but that’s all I’m going to say; you can also see for yourself and press play! Let me know in the comments what you think and don’t forget to subscribe to my shit on my Youtube Channel – that’s what all vloggers say!

7 thoughts on “It’s a Vlog! Hitchhiking Southern Chile

  1. heeeej!!! Niceee! I’m glad you did your first vlog! videoskills will come with time, but don’t worry is not the essential part of a video!! Would be very interesting if you catch moments like conversations with the drivers, languages shocks that sometimes happen is such countries that are so funny, shots of the road, while you are waiting how do you distract yourself, what you say to the cars that don’t stop… More camera on your point of view and not on you,cuz give us the impression is our point of view about you, you know what I mean? And like little exemple, if you say I go to sleep here and then you put the tent in that place, is not necessary coz is like you are saying the same thing two times and then public is not surprised, so just show us what you do and don’t need to say that you are doing it. Whatever you can show it pictures, you won’t need to speak about it. I hope this tips can help you out, they helped me a lot when I was starting video. Much light and love on your road and have loads of magic fun, always!

    • Hey Linda, thanks for the feedback! 🙂 I’m definitely going to use your tips for the next videos and try out different things with it. There’s so much more I could do and this was just the test if I like it etc. What’s your channel? 🙂 I’d love to check out your progress over time!
      Peace, love and tranquility,

  2. It looks very professional. It’s really your first. Love the tent. Good move today bathe lake, such a view from there.

    • Thanks John! 🙂 yeah the view was amazing! Hope to publish another one soon

  3. Hii Angel 🙂 thanxxx for this video.I really wanted to see u / your video:), wanted to hear ur sweet voice 🙂 .. u r awesome :). take care cos far far away a boy’s heart always remember u 🙂 ..keep smiling 🙂

  4. So cool to see your first vlog! I really want to try and get into making videos too and also start to travel really cheaply by camping and hitchhiking 🙂 What tent do you use?

    • Thanks 😀 the editing is the real heavy work if you’re starting. I’m using the Spitfire tent by Eureka! in green, but here it is in light blue (that’s adorable, but I prefer green!) and I bought it in a shop in Holland for €90 as it was the last one in stock and the show model so I just talked until it was €50 cheaper 😉 it’s hyper-protected against rain and really light. Do you plan to use it in Asia?

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