Croatian Coast

My #hitchhiking spot in #Makarska today, where a huge accident had just happened. I caught a direct ride to #Kupari (near to #Dubrovnik #Croatia), but the guy went on a huge racist rant about Muslims and people from #Turkey within 10 minutes.. normally when you don’t respond or participate people will stop automatically, but this Read more >

Wish Tree

I’m not the superstitious kind, but I do love #wishtrees every now and then. When walking around at the archaeological site of Göbekli Tepe (close to #Şanlıurfa in #Turkey) I found one and did what anyone in need of a portion of good luck would do: get a piece of fabric, tie it somewhere on Read more >

Copan to Kapan: nine months of travel, summarized into oblivion

Today is one of those days on the road to reflect on what you’ve done, where you’ve been and what is ahead of you. These days are the worst and the best, but mainly the worst. Since the 29th of December 2013 - minus 10 days in my Passport Nation (PN) - I have been traveling 2,5 continents by anticipated happenstance, sporadic opportunity and a shameful slice of manipulation. That is already nine months of growth, but it would be silly not to acknowledge the decline as well. Many things and people have suffered by me putting my thumb up somewhere on the globe and blogging about it; that is not a side effect. Apologies. Tonight I am writing this in the middle of Mordor (a fine place, a.k.a. Meghri) on the Armenian side of the border to Iran, in a surprisingly un-mediocre motel. I can feel nothing but gratitude while acknowledging my privilege and suppressing my oppression. And no,… Read more >