Here’s some of the publications I’ve written for other websites, with little excerpts of what I’ve written about solo female hitchhiking, traveling to other cultures and working from anywhere.

In English

Buenos Aires Travel Guide for Digital Nomads eBook with Digital Nomads Guides, a company I cofounded

digital nomads guides travel book buenos aires

“Argentina’s capital city has been compared to some of the most famous European cities, but its true value lies in the differences to other metropoles. Buenos Aires is one of the most visited cities on the South American continent as part of the backpacker’s gringo-trail and a safe choice among recent retirees willing to travel to Latin America. There’s plenty of culture and history to fill your days sightseeing and listening to tour guides. This guide is not about any of that; other guides do that a lot better.”


Camping Spots that make you wonder why we ever sleep indoors on owned by Katie Featherstone

Katie Featherstone Feathery Travels logo publications

“This country in South America is a land of extremes. From the coast to the Andes mountains, the Atacama desert to the forests of Patagonia and the metropolis of Santiago to the fishing villages and deserted roads, Chile is full of wild camping spots ready to be tried out by the adventurous-minded. This also explains why Chileans are very outdoorsy people and almost everyone owns a carpa (tent), mostly to camp out at the coast during summer.”


Bra Shopping with a Stranger on by Eva Boshkovic

EvaBosh logo turkish truck driver bra shopping

“We made an evening stop at some roadside shop. When I returned to the shop after a much-needed bathroom break, my driver held up a red negligé and asked if I wanted it. Amazed at the question, I politely declined with “Hayır teşekkürler” (no thanks) and I hoped that would end it. The lady who worked at the shop entered the discussion and said I should take it. After ten minutes of back-and-forth negotiating about the stupid negligé and other bra-like creations, I figured the true meaning of it all…”


A Letter of Advice for Solo Female Hitchhikers on run by Ginger Krentz

oneyearmydear logo interview solo female hitchhiking

“While traveling– whether that be by hitchhiking or not – you’ll be in situations I have never encountered and some of my experiences will never happen to you, despite our general similar experiences of going through life (being perceived) as women. The advice I’ve given you on “only listening to other female solo travelers/hitchhikers” is more about “not listening to men’s advice”; they’ll either tell you it can’t be done as a woman because it’s too dangerous, or they’ll tell you it’s completely safe because they claim to have had this experience –they haven’t.”

Card Games and Kudos: Practicing my Durak-Face in the Caucasus on

nomadsmagazine logo nomads durak caucasus publication

“My Polish friend spoke no Russian either, but he did speak what we can call Slavic, and plenty of it, by throwing words at each other until some mutual understanding stuck. I suggested we play Durak, which was received with enthusiasm by our host couple and confusion from my Polish friend, because he had never played it, until now. […] Cards and Ararat cognac on the table, we played the game in teams and it was so intense we didn’t go to bed until the birds sang once again and I woke up still drunk feeling useless. At least we had become good at Durak, overnight.”

In Dutch

Mijn Laatste Dag Liften in Paraguay op

liefde voor reizen publication artikel paraguay liften hitchhiking

“Leunend op zijn geweer vraagt hij mij wat ik van de DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) vind: ik houd me van de domme. Hij zegt dat hij de DEA diep haat. Ik zeg iets over Nederland en legale drugs. Zijn collega’s komen uit de bosjes, iedereen stapt de auto in en we rijden richting grens. Ik denk eraan hoe dit allemaal een beetje Breaking Bad is later een goed verhaal wordt.”


Erasmusuitwisseling in Aarhus, Denemarken op

NWS logo nederlandse wereldwijde studenten artikel aarhus denemarken

“Inmiddels is alweer een hele nieuwe generatie van Nederlandse studenten de wereld over vertrokken met hun trolleys en twijfels of typische euforie. Met een klein beetje jaloezie zie ik ze vertrekken van mijn universiteit en via Facebook hoor ik het van vrienden aan andere universiteiten in Nederland. Ik mag eigenlijk helemaal niet klagen; ik heb het al meegemaakt, […]. Stiekem lach ik al van binnen om de bizarre, fantastische of schokkende dingen die ze mee gaan maken.”