Kayak Trip Day 20: Vilshofen to Passau

Events from this post happened on Thursday the 27th of June, 2019. We paddled our magnificent inflatable canoe Zucchini from a town called Vilshofen an der Donau to Passau. Passau is the big city at the confluence of the Danube + Inn + Ilz rivers. It’s also the last major stop before the Danube flows into Austria. Our Stay in Vilshofen an der Donau Vilshofen an der Donau is an incredibly sweet little town. Its city center is well-maintained and the dining scene quite lively. On the evening of our arrival, we ate burgers in one of these hip burgerContinue reading

Kayak Trip Day 19: Deggendorf to Vilshofen an der Donau

The events chronicled in this story happened in the real world on Tuesday the 25th of June, 2019. We paddled Zucchini the inflatable canoe from Deggendorf to Vilshofen an der Donau on the Danube river. That’s a distance of about 36 kilometers. Our Stay in Deggendorf We stayed two nights in the NH Parkhotel in Deggendorf. I was planning to write a lot and work on my blog posts, but the internet didn’t work on my computer. Jonas spent ages trying to make it work, but it never did. I quickly got demotivated from writing as well, so in theContinue reading

Kayak Trip Day 18: Straubing to Deggendorf

On the 23rd of June, 2019, Jonas and I paddled Zucchini from Straubing to Deggendorf. This was a distance of about 35 kilometers. These are the events of that day. Our Stay in Straubing We stayed in an Airbnb room-in-a-house for four nights in Straubing. Our host was a very friendly man who left us a plate of cherries and berries in the kitchen each morning. The internet was super fast and the room really great. Jonas and I previously had not such a great experience with renting a room in a house, but in Germany, we’ve never regretted it.Continue reading

Kayak Trip Day 17: Friesheim to Straubing

Events in this story happened on the 19th of June, 2019. We paddled our inflatable canoe named ‘Zucchini’ from a small village near Regensburg named Friesheim to the bigger town Straubing. It was a distance of 36 kilometers, which is a new record for us. Leaving Friesheim for Straubing As you might know from the previous post, Friesheim was a little bit of a struggle for us. The town is very small and we didn’t have food security on arrival. All those troubles disappeared with the help from our hosts and their vehicle and the local butcher’s shop, which alsoContinue reading

Kayak Trip Day 16: Regensburg to Friesheim

The events described here happened on Monday the 17th of June, 2019. Jonas and I paddled our inflatable canoe named Zucchini down the Danube from Regensburg to Friesheim, a distance of 19.2 kilometers. We finally passed the northernmost bend in the Danube in Regensburg, so from now on we’ll generally head east-southeast. The pictures might look a little more shabby than usual because my other camera malfunctioned. Four Nights in Regensburg We had booked 3 nights at our Airbnb in Regensburg, but we extended with one more night after checking out the room. Technically, we were staying outside of RegensburgContinue reading

Kayak Trip Day 13: Ingolstadt to Vohburg

Events chronicled in this story happened on the 8th of June, 2019. Jonas and I paddled our inflatable canoe from Ingolstadt to Vohburg, 16.5km away. It was our 13th paddle day on the river Danube. Ingolstadt is a special place because that’s where the TID (Tour International Danubien) starts. That’s the people who paddle the Danube as a tour group. Five Nights in an Airbnb in Ingolstadt We took a break. For five nights after our arrival from Neuburg an der Donau, we slept, cooked for ourselves, and worked at a very pleasant Airbnb in Ingolstadt’s suburbia. We’d booked aContinue reading

Kayak Trip Day 12: Neuburg an der Donau to Ingolstadt

Events chronicled in this story happened on Monday the 3rd of June, 2019. We paddled our inflatable canoe from a village called Neuburg an der Donau to the big regional city Ingolstadt. It was a distance of about 18 kilometers. Packing Up in Neuberg an der Donau We both slept alright in our tent on the campground in Neuburg an der Donau. Getting up was very difficult though, because we woke up first at 6:00 and considered it too early, and then again at 7:15 when it got too hot in the tent. Edeka opened at 7:00, and we’d alreadyContinue reading

Kayak Trip Day 11: Donauwörth to Neuburg an der Donau

Events happened on June 2nd, 2019. We paddled from Donauwörth to a town called Neuburg an der Donau. In Neuburg an der Donau, we wanted to camp at the canoe/rowing club in town. We paddled some 32 kilometers that day, which was a new record distance.  Two Nights in Donauwörth We spent two nights in hotel Buena Vista in Donauwörth. Unfortunately, our room of hotel ‘Good View’ looked out on the wall of another building. No natural light entered our room which was wholly depressing. The internet also wasn’t very reliable. To be fair, we had tried to book threeContinue reading

Kayak Trip Day 10: Dillingen an der Donau to Donauwörth

These events happened on Friday the 31st of May, 2019. We paddled our inflatable canoe from our riverside campsite in Dillingen an der Donau to Donauwörth, a distance of 28 kilometers. This was the first time we paddled this far and the first time we paddled two days in a row. If you want to know more about what this trip is about and why we’re doing it, I suggest starting here in Donaueschingen. Packing Up Our Camping Gear We woke up quite early at 7:00 in our beautiful tent. Soon after, we started our day of packing our campingContinue reading