Croatian Coast: Makarska to Kupari with a Hateful Driver

This was my hitchhiking spot in Makarska along the Croatian coast today. A huge car accident had just happened nearby before my arrival.

I caught a direct ride to Kupari near Dubrovnik. But the driver went on a huge racist rant about Muslims and people from Turkey within 10 minutes… He only knew about me that I was Dutch and the physical cues. His mind filled in that I must also be a Christian like him. A heterosexual like him. And an Islamophobe like him. Eek! That’s a lot of projection!

Normally when you don’t respond or participate people will stop automatically, but this one didn’t. Add a huge amount of sexism and little homophobia in the mix and you can understand how I felt for the 2.5 hours listening to his venting. I didn’t get out because there weren’t many petrol stations on this Croatian coastal road and I was also quite curious how far he’d take his hate. I can’t learn about these ways of thinking without coming into contact with them as well. Of course, I can read about this online, but it doesn’t really seem real until you actually meet a racist.

Then he started flirting (?!?) and treating me like a ‘lady’ (dude, just no!) and thought I’d come with him to Trebinje for some date. On arrival in Kupari, I made him stop at a petrol station. I got myself and backpack out of the car and thanked him for the ride, but said:

“See this ring on my finger? I’m getting married to a Muslim Turkish woman.”

He just said “OH!” 😳 and drove off…

Today was actually a good day 😀 And this section of the Croatian coast is wildly beautiful. If you have the chance to travel here one day, take it! I’ve been bouncing around the coast here for a week and the section between Split and Dubrovnik is just *chef’s kiss* excellent!

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