Puppy Savior Complex (Hatay, Turkey)

Here in Hatay, my host asked me to move to the office of a friend’s construction site to go (sort of?) couchsurfing. The old place I was staying at wasn’t suitable, or something like that. I was there all alone sleeping in the darkness of night on said couch when I heard the cries of a puppy outside. I waited for half an hour until I couldn’t take it anymore. Like a night watch, I ventured out and into the cold to approach the call for help.

I searched and searched by torchlight for the source of the squeaks until I stood at a stack of wooden beams or something. I flashed my light in between the slits and two puppy dog eyes reflected right back at me. The poor pup, they were stuck! I got the wee thing out of there.

Now what? I looked around for the mother, but there were no dogs around. At least they were free? But the puppy was so young that it wouldn’t be right to walk away, so I lifted them up once again and brought the poor thing to the office. I poured some water for them, kept them warm, and waited till morning to contact a local animal shelter.

With the Van Cat experience earlier this month, I’m becoming quite familiar with Turkey’s animal welfare system.


#puppylove found today at a construction site I’m #couchsurfing at! Looking for an #animalshelter in #Hatay #Turkey, or #adoption family! #straypup #lookwhatifound #furrythings

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