The Van Cat Sanctuary (Van, Turkey)

When my hosts in Van told me that there’s a Van cat sanctuary, I knew I had to visit. The Van Cat is a special type of cat that hails from this area around Lake Van in Turkey. They have a white coat and often have one blue eye and one green one. This place is like a sanctuary for these cats, which are quite rare in the world and need extra protection. As I understood it, they’re here for protection and local heritage, not breeding.

Back on the Isle of Man, I visited the Manx Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for a day. That’s where I got up close and personal with Manx Cats, which are also a special breed. Of course, I think All Cats Are Beautiful and need protection if they’re strays in Vake Park, not just cats of a certain breed.

I really liked my visit to the van kedisi center here in Van, Turkey. It’s possible to buy some cat snacks to feed them, which is a lot of fun. I didn’t grow up with cats, so I don’t exactly know how to cat. But it’s something you can learn. Wearing a thick coat helps when they climb your shoulder.


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