Crafting Cyrillic Hitchhiking Signs (Negotin, Serbia)

When hitchhiking with a dear friend of mine in Serbia, it was time to make some new hitchhiking signs. For domestic use, it can be nice to write hitchhiking signs in the Cyrillic alphabet. Like this Београд (Belgrade) sign I was crafting at a café in Negotin. This is not really an area where you expect a non-Serbian driver to stop and pick you up.

Also, I love, love, love the Cyrillic script. In the end, hitchhiking in Russia for an extended period of time is still my biggest dream. Unlike some of my dreams, I don’t think this one is too ambitious. I’m hoping that Duolingo will soon have a Russian course [update: they do and it’s amazing] available. Once I have a very expensive and hopefully long visa to Russia, I’ll do my best to make more pretty hitchhiking signs in Cyrillic script. Then I’ll hitchhike all over Russia and improve my Russian in great strides—similar to how it went with my Spanish in Central America.

Even better would be if Russia and the European Union can… make up so that this visa-free regime deal they were talking about back in 2014 can take off. I know it’s a lot more complicated than this, but I’m all for closer ties.

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