The First Hitchhiker to Space? (Ankara, Turkey)

Firstly, insert a mandatory The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference. Here in Ankara, Turkey, I visited the faculty of aeronautics and astronautics with my CouchSurfing hosts. I joined them here for a lecture. But I couldn’t focus on the subject matter because of the words that marked this building. Everyone wants to become an astronaut, that’s a fact. I’m absolutely considering a career switch And if not a career switch from hitchhiker to astronaut, I could maybe become the first space hitchhiker.

But I know you’re wondering: why would I qualify for space hitchhiking? As requested: my curriculum vitae:

  • I’m very good company
  • I’ve never been motion sick
  • Motivated? Determined.
  • I don’t panic
  • I’m something of an expert at reducing costs, which seems relevant for space travel
  • Towel owner
  • I’m good at directions and spatial awareness
  • I can do experiments. Perhaps I am the experiment?
  • My Russian is increasing every day
  • But in all seriousness, Roscosmos, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, CNSA, Blue Origin, Orion Span, Boeing, NASA, and others: I’m ready.

If you’re a space company looking to bring a hitchhiker aboard, here’s my contact form. I can also promote your space travel services in the capacity of a space travel blogger, besides being a space hitchhiker. Perhaps we should call it the ‘hitchhiker in space program?’ Does that sound catchy?

I’m also available for longer journeys, such as to the moon. How do I feel about Mars? Sure, Mars sounds fine. Just let me know if I need to write a hitchhiking sign and how cardboard fares outside of Earth’s atmosphere. I’m very curious.

Is this a serious post? That depends completely on who’s asking.


#careerswitch, I’m gonna be an #astronaut! #Ankara #Turkey (at Turk Hava Kurumu Universitesi)

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