Horse with a Backpack in Gjirokastër, Albania

Would you look at this Albanian horsie! Is it a horse? Or is it a mule? Alas, I have no clue. There were many of them in Gjirokastër and many of them carried a backpack of sorts. This made me think that we have a lot in common. I know, it’s not a whole lot to go on. But I wanted to share this picture with y’all nonetheless.

Seeing a horse just parked outside a building makes me think this town is a bit like a western movie. I refrained from asking for directions to the saloon. Perhaps one day I’ll learn how to ride a horse and travel with one. I think that would be really cool. A little scary, but cool. Perhaps I should first learn to see the difference between a horse and a mule.

I have done horseback/muleback trips before during my travels. My longest experience was in Real de Catorce in northern Mexico. I made a friend in Monterrey who invited me to join for a trip southward. It was a full day on my horse Centavo going through the rocky trails to native Huichol shrines and one of my fondest spontaneous travel memories.


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