Ioannina, Greece: Hitchhiking Clearly Ain’t Dead

Posting live from a BP petrol station outside of Ioannina in Greece, where two French hitchhikers decided to come as well! Hitchhiking clearly ain’t dead. Now we’re chatting about our travel itineraries and hitchhiking around the Balkans and southern Europe. They are going in the direction of Patras and Athens. I’m going to Igoumenitsa so this is where our roads intersect and split again. Greece is definitely part of the ill-defined Balkan Trail. We exchanged contacts, so I might see them again once I’m in France hopefully later this year! How do you like my hitchhiking sign in Greek script? TogetherContinue reading

Horse with a Backpack in Gjirokastër, Albania

Would you look at this Albanian horsie! Is it a horse? Or is it a mule? Alas, I have no clue. There were many of them in Gjirokastër and many of them carried a backpack of sorts. This made me think that we have a lot in common. I know, it’s not a whole lot to go on. But I wanted to share this picture with y’all nonetheless. Seeing a horse just parked outside a building makes me think this town is a bit like a western movie. I refrained from asking for directions to the saloon. Perhaps one dayContinue reading

Black Lake in Durmitor National Park (Žabljak, Montenegro)

This afternoon I went for a hike around the Black Lake close to Žabljak (1450 meters above sea level). It’s in Montenegro’s Durmitor National Park. The lake is made up of the Big and the Small Black Lakes. In the picture, I’m sitting at the narrow passage between them. In one month, the lakes will be smaller and will separate from each other so one can ‘walk an 8’ around both. There is still a lot of snow in this area and as it is melting from the Durmitor mountain tops, there are many waterfalls around the trails. I triedContinue reading

Maltese Hitchhiking Route (Approximated)

Take a peek at my next approximated hitchhiking route, bringing me to Malta! It’s three times when I’ll have to hitch a boat: Albania to Italy, Italy to Sicily, and Sicily to Malta. How? I have no clue yet. I’ll see it once I arrive at the next step in the Maltese hitchhiking journey. I’m starting in Belgrade (Serbia), then make my way through Bosnia and Herzegovina—a new country for me. After that, it’s time for a return visit to (perhaps Croatia and) Montenegro and then I’ll see Albania for the first time. In Italy, I’m expecting to see BariContinue reading