Cuevas Waterfalls, Samaipata Bolivia

I didn’t jump from this waterfall. Just chilled an entire day at the three falls of Cuevas, close to Samaipata in Bolivia. Ultimate chill alert! What a beautiful place to cool down one’s feet and enjoy nature. I did get my camera a little wet with all the micro sploosh that’s floating in the air at the bottom of the biggest waterfall. There are two other waterfalls with beaches to relax at.

Cuevas Waterfalls, Samaipata Bolivia

Cuevas is about 20 km from Samaipata in the direction of Santa Cruz and costs 15 Bolivianos for entrance. Unfortunately, it gets really busy in the afternoon on a sunny weekend day, so it’s best to make this trip on a weekday. It was completely empty when Jonas and I arrived, but after thirty minutes a giant extended family showed up with everything from a barbeque to loudspeakers.

Close to the Cuevas waterfalls is also the Inca ruins of El Fuerte. The two attractions in the area are doable in a single day if you’re up for a big hike. Also, bring sunscreen and a hat. Those always seem like a good tip. Hitchhiking between Samaipata and the waterfalls is a piece of cake. On the way back, we caught a ride with a rather empty truck.

What’s Next?

The area here is absolutely stunning, but today it’s time to hitchhike onward in the direction of Cochabamba and La Paz. The next 374 km are apparently doable only in eight hours or more, so that’s a good indicator of what the road quality will be: awful. I really want to be closer to Titicaca Lake around New Year’s though, so it’s time to speed up the pace before that time. I’m counting down the days to a good party! Are you too?


2 thoughts on “Cuevas Waterfalls, Samaipata Bolivia

  1. Always a good day when you get to chill next to a waterfall! Definitely time to make those New Years plans. I hear lake Titicaca is best from the Bolivian side. Hopefully you make it there. We will be in Cartegena for NYE!

    • Aaah I tried to make it to Titicaca, but it seems I’m gonna be in La Paz for NYE 🙂 not bad either! Enjoy Cartagena and happy New Year’s!

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