Danube Kayak Trip Interactive Map

This is the fully-operative map of our Danube trip so far! You can use the left-side panel to summon or dismiss the information you’re looking for. I included information about the route, the distance, the obstacles in between, the places we’ve stayed at, which stretches require a permit, and which parts we (had to) skip on the Danube. Each paddle day has its own related blog post you can read. I’ll update this map the more we travel this majestic river with our inflatable canoe.

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The Stats on This Map

After 49 days of traveling the Danube, we:

  • paddled 1253.7 kilometers in total out of 1346.5 kilometers of river
  • portaged around 52 obstacles like weirs and locks
  • used a kayak slide or brush pass 4 times
  • had to skip 76.5 kilometers due to protected nature
  • skipped or shortcutted the river 16.3 kilometers
  • arranged two permits to paddle some protected stretches
  • fell in the water 1 time (just Iris, not Jonas)
  • swam in the river 1 time (both of us, out of our own free will)
  • paddled in 4 different countries and many different states/provinces
  • stayed on 3 campsites and went freecamping 1 time
  • patronized 23 döner kebab/çiğköfte/falafel establishments
  • had 2 dogs nearly pee against our kayak
  • experienced 1 snowy day and about 11 rainy days
  • successfully used the kayak sail 8 times
  • broke 1 kayak sail (RIP)
  • ate Käsespätzle 6 times (of which 1 was homemade)
  • experienced 1 case of bird shit on Jonas’ life vest
  • got bitten by mosquitoes about 2270 times
  • worked on our own projects about 70 days
  • drank the river water 0 times
  • took an absolutely ridiculous amount of photos
  • wrote 50 blog posts about the trip

Here are the statistics we gathered

Read The Blog Posts Related to Our Danube Trip

Donaueschingen: Danube Kayak Trip Day Zero

Kayak Trip Day 1: Donaueschingen to Geisingen

Kayak Trip Day 2: Geisingen to Immendingen

Kayak Trip Day 3: Immendingen to Mühlheim via the Donauversickerung

Kayak Trip Day 4: Hausen im Tal to Sigmaringen

Kayak Trip Day 5: Sigmaringen to Mengen + Munderkingen

Kayak Trip Day 6: Munderkingen to Dettingen

Kayak Trip Day 7: Dettingen to Neu-Ulm

Kayak Trip Day 8: Neu-Ulm to Günzburg

Kayak Trip Day 9: Günzburg to Dillingen an der Donau

Kayak Trip Day 10: Dillingen an der Donau to Donauwörth

Kayak Trip Day 11: Donauwörth to Neuburg an der Donau

Kayak Trip Day 12: Neuburg an der Donau to Ingolstadt

Kayak Trip Day 13: Ingolstadt to Vohburg

Kayak Trip Day 14: Vohburg to Kelheim and the Donaudurchbruch

Kayak Trip Day 15: Kelheim to Regensburg

Kayak Trip Day 16: Regensburg to Friesheim

Kayak Trip Day 17: Friesheim to Straubing

Kayak Trip Day 18: Straubing to Deggendorf

Kayak Trip Day 19: Deggendorf to Vilshofen an der Donau

Kayak Trip Day 20: Vilshofen to Passau

Kayak Trip Day 21: Passau to Engelhartszell – A Border Crossing

Kayak Trip Day 22: Engelhartszell to Kobling

Kayak Trip Day 23: Kobling to Aschach an der Donau

Kayak Trip Day 24: Aschach to Linz

Kayak Trip Day 25: Linz to Au an der Donau

Kayak Trip Day 26: Au to Grein

Kayak Trip Day 27: Grein to Krummnußbaum

Kayak Trip Day 28: Krummnußbaum to Spitz

Kayak Trip Day 29: Spitz to Stein an der Donau

Kayak Trip Day 30: Stein to Zwentendorf

Kayak Trip Day 31: Zwentendorf to Langenlebarn

Kayak Trip Day 32: Langenlebarn to Vienna

Kayak Trip Day 33: Vienna to Haslau – Birthday on the Danube

Kayak Trip Day 34: Haslau to Bratislava – Austria to Slovakia

Kayak Trip Day 35: Bratislava to the Čunovo Dam

Kayak Trip Day 36: Čunovo to the Danube Floodplains – Freecamping

Kayak Trip Day 37: Danube Floodplains to Gönyű

Kayak Trip Day 38: Gönyű to Komárno

Kayak Trip Day 39: Komárno to Kúpele Patince

Kayak Trip Day 40: Kúpele Patince to Štúrovo

Kayak Trip Day 41: Štúrovo to Dunabogdány

Kayak Trip Day 42: Dunabogdány to Budapest – The Finish Line

Kayak Trip Day 43: Budapest to Ercsi

Kayak Trip Day 44: Ercsi to Dunaújváros

Kayak Trip Day 45: Dunaújváros to Harta

Kayak Trip Day 46: Harta to Paks

Kayak Trip Day 47: Paks to Érsekcsanád Dunapart

Kayak Trip Day 48: Érsekcsanád Dunapart to Baja

Kayak Trip Day 49: Baja to Mohács – Farewell Paddling the Danube


Thank you very much for joining this journey, my friend. I appreciate you!


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