Ioannina, Greece: Hitchhiking Clearly Ain’t Dead

Posting live from a BP petrol station outside of Ioannina in Greece, where two French hitchhikers decided to come as well! Hitchhiking clearly ain’t dead. Now we’re chatting about our travel itineraries and hitchhiking around the Balkans and southern Europe. They are going in the direction of Patras and Athens. I’m going to Igoumenitsa so this is where our roads intersect and split again. Greece is definitely part of the ill-defined Balkan Trail. We exchanged contacts, so I might see them again once I’m in France hopefully later this year!

How do you like my hitchhiking sign in Greek script? Together with my Ioannina sign, these are my first Greek hitchhiking signs. This isn’t a super unfamiliar alphabet to me, because I learned Ancient Greek in high school. Ancient Greek and Modern Greek aren’t exactly the same and this confuses me, so I still need to Google modern spellings. I’m not sure if I like the uppercase version. Lowercase Greek script is so much more appealing than this yelling all caps.

I’m always very happy to add another script to my database of hitchhiking signs. I’ve already written hitchhiking signs in Farsi, Georgian, Armenian, and of course Latin script.

#hitchhikersunite #Greece #Hellas #autostop #nonstopautostop (at Bp Παππάς Δ. & Just Coffe Drinks)

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