Ukraine to Turkey by Boat: Booking a Black Sea Ferry from Chornomorsk to Karasu

26 February 2022 update: originally published on the 19th of October, 2021. I moved this post to 2022 so this info about the Black Sea ferry from Chornomorsk shows up on the homepage of my blog. Do I recommend taking this boat from Odesa, Ukraine to anywhere else right now? No, I wouldn’t want to be on a ship that says UKRFERRY on the side right now. As far as I know, the ships named Greifswald (link leads to current location of ship), Kaunas, and Vilnius aren’t leaving the port of Chornomorsk at all right now. You can follow theContinue reading

Apps in Ukraine: 10 Apps to Download Before Your Trip

We spent 89 days in Ukraine in 2021. These are the apps that proved most useful in Ukraine and helped us navigate the country. Click here to read which and how to get a SIM card in Ukraine. Contents1 1. Google Translate with Downloaded Ukrainian + Russian2 2. Open Street Maps (OSM)3 Communication Apps in Ukraine: 3. Telegram + 4. WhatsApp4 Taxi Apps in Ukraine: 5. Uklon + 6. Bolt (and Maybe Uber)5 7. Food Delivery Apps in Ukraine: Glovo, not Bolt!6 Accommodation Apps in Ukraine: 8. Airbnb + 9. Booking7 10. A VPN (Such as ExpressVPN)8 App Screenshots9 BonusContinue reading

Arabat Spit: A Day Trip to Ukrainian-Controlled Crimea with Hot Spring + Pink Lake

These events happened on October 3rd, 2021. Our Booking host in Heniches’k named Yuri offered to do a day trip with us down the Arabat Spit to visit some hot springs and a pink lake. This eventually turned into a little adventure with even more spontaneous stops and detours along the way. The Arabat Spit is geographically part of the Crimean Peninsula, but administratively it’s Kherson Oblast. Russia didn’t annex this part of Crimea back in 2014. Contents1 Ukrainian-Controlled Crimea: Is it Safe?2 Taking a Bus Down the Arabat Spit?3 Driving Down the Arabat Spit (Арабатська Стрілка) with Yuri4 Heniches’kContinue reading

Kharkiv Cable Car: A Soviet Ride in Primary Colors

We rode the Kharkiv cable car on Wednesday, the 25th of August, 2021. I guess technically, it’s a gondola lift or an aerial tramway or something like that (Spanish: teleférico) and I’ve seen the Kharkiv one referred to even as a ‘zip line‘ (which it is absolutely not), I’m gonna keep calling it a cable car because it feels right. Contents1 Learning About the Existence of a Cable Car in Kharkiv2 Is This Mean Machine Dangerous?3 Possibly the Best Thing in Kharkiv4 Arriving in Sarzhyn Yar from Gorky Park5 Kharkiv Cable Car Vlog (<1 minute)6 7 Kharkiv Cable Car FAQ:Continue reading

Chernihiv to Kharkiv via Sumy by Thumb (Ukraine)

These events happened on the 19th and 20th of August, 2021. We were hitchhiking in Ukraine. The first day, we hitchhiked from Chernihiv to Sumy. On the second day, we finished our trip from Sumy to Kharkiv.  Contents1 The Plan2 Day 1: Hitchhiking from Chernihiv to Sumy2.1 Departure to the hitchhiking spot2.2 The angry lady2.3 Hitchhiking to Kulykivka (Sasha)2.4 Kulykivka to M02/E101 intersection at Nizhyn (Vladimir)2.5 Intersection to Bilopillya (Sergei + Valery)2.6 Bilopillya to Sumy (Pyotr)2.7 Exploring Sumy (until it rained)3 Day 2: Sumy to Kharkiv3.1 Packing up, again. Uklon to the hitchhiking spot, again3.2 To Kharkiv? No, butContinue reading

My First Time Shooting Guns: Glock 19, AK-47, Sniper Rifle, and Shotgun (Kyiv, Ukraine)

These events happened on Tuesday, the 3rd of August, 2021. We had booked a shooting guns activity at a shooting range outside of Kyiv. This is what to expect from this activity and the four different guns we fired. Note that this was my first time shooting guns and that I do not know the correct terminology for a lot of actions/gun parts. If you have corrections/mansplanations, please drop them in the comments! Booking the Activity After booking our trip to Chornobyl, Jonas found out that you can also shoot Kalashnikovs in Kyiv. This is something he has wanted toContinue reading

Celebrating My Birthday in Kyiv, Again! (30th)

When booking Ukraine, I knew that I was gonna celebrate my 30th birthday in Kyiv. This happens to also be the same town where I celebrated my 22nd birthday back in 2013 during my first medium-sized hitchhiking trip. A few things have changed: I’m not a happy single anymore but a happy partnered individual. And as a partnered individual I am also not hyper-poor and on the brink of developing scurvy anymore. I believe they call this ‘progress’. Jokes aside, quite a lot has changed. My interests have changed. And though I think getting blind drunk, getting banged on theContinue reading

How (Not) to Get a SIM Card in Ukraine (Kyiv)

When traveling to Ukraine, it’s a great idea to get a SIM card for independent travel. Though we arrived at Boryspil International Airport (KBP), we didn’t buy one there because the shop was closed. Mobile data is neither expensive nor cheap in Ukraine. Here are our learnings from getting a SIM card in Ukraine on our first day in Kyiv, so you can avoid the mistakes we made. And ooh boy, we made a lot of mistakes! FYI, the country code for Ukraine is +380 Contents1 Our Experience Buying a SIM Card in Ukraine2 FAQ SIM Card in Ukraine +Continue reading

Well Hello, Kyiv?! Uzbekistan to Ukraine (Semi-Live Blog)

These events happened on Sunday, the 25th and Monday the 26th of July, 2021. We hoped to fly from Islam Karimov Tashkent International Airport (TAS), Uzbekistan to Boryspil International Airport (KBP) nearby Kyiv, Ukraine. I’m trying to update this blog as a sort of semi-live blog while on the move. Quick update because I need to sleep. We arrived well in Kyiv but the long wait for check-in to our apartment was excruciating. Peace out I’m gonna catch some zzz’s before finishing this Contents1 Monday, 26th of July: Shattered in Kyiv1.1 Train to Kyiv, killing time1.2 Arriving at Kyiv Boryspil1.3Continue reading