Hosted by my French Friend in Frontignan, France

Remember this guy from the hitchhiker’s picnic in Tirana? We just reunited in France, where Yohan’s family lives in Frontignan. Thanks to this French friend and his family, I have a comfortable bed for one more night before I have to go speed-hitchhiking to the south of Spain. Together, we made a little calculation yesterday and it’s more than 1500 kilometers I have to do if I want to avoid Barcelona and Madrid (yes please)!

I have about five days to make it to meet the other side of my family there. At the HitchGathering, some women told me the bad news: Spain is mierda (shit) for hitchhiking. It will be my first time hitchhiking in Spain. Usually, I don’t put too much credit into what other people say about hitchhiking in country XYZ, but these are hitchhikers. Experienced hitchhikers. And I didn’t find anyone who disagreed with the assessment that it’s a tough country. Oh well, we’ll see! I’ll report back with my findings.

On the bright side, the weather is a lot cooler than before as there are really strong winds, good for messing up your hair. But at least I won’t sweat as much on my way south!

We took this photo together in Sete, which is next door to Frontignan. I believe it was atop the hill Mont Saint-Clair where there’s a cross. The area here is *chef’s kiss* beautiful! I can recommend it for a visit!

#España #autostop #nonstopautostop #hacerride #hacerdedo #fairedustop #hitchgathering2015 #Sete #LanguedocRousillon #ohmierda #ohmerde #ohshit #ouiouilavachequirit (at Sete, Langeudoc-Rousillon, France)

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