Hitchhiker’s Picnic in Tiranë, Albania

Finally, I met up with this French guy who is also a hitchhiker! His name is Yohan and he runs the French blog Les Voyages de Yohan (it’s in French). We’ve been talking for weeks, trying to meet up but it happened eventually in Tiranë! He was with his friends from France and Germany. We just had a little picnic in the park near Tiranë’s pyramid, chatting and chilling in with a cute puppy. The guy who took this picture told us he managed to quit smoking by joining the Church of Latter-Day Saints.

When saying goodbye to my new friends after a couple of hours of picnic there was this guy who ‘randomly’ walked in on me again and then he tried to fucking kiss me. I avoided that with a gentle push and a calm “sod off, idiot.” That was only the second time this shit happened to me in Albania. So on average, it’s not so bad. Especially considering I’ve been here for a couple of weeks already and I’ve basically been hitchhiking around and around Albania. Moral of the story: friends are cool and perverts are all around.

#Tirana #Shqipëri #nomadsmeetup #nomads #hitchhiking #autostop #tribeofhitchhikers #pervertseverywhere #streetharassment (at Tirana East Gate, Qender Tregetare , Tirane)

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