Kruče: Happily Stuck in Montenegro

Just another beach day in Kruče, Montenegro with books, beer, buddies, and bloody awesome sunsets.


I can’t leave this place because it doesn’t want me to leave. I can’t be arsed to move further away than the nearest supermarket to buy the necessary supplies for another day of hardcore relaxation. The night is coming and there will just be my good friend, her dog, and me with candles, blankets, and conversation. Guitars and songs. Sometimes satisfaction and happiness come really close to each other. The last rays of the day are going, but I’ll be here for a while!
Peace out…

But in all seriousness, this town and this company is something else. It’s mostly the company, honestly. I don’t think it had ever come to my mind to visit Kruče without an invitation. And I’m learning a lot from her, my host. I’m learning about her life, her struggles, her story. She tells me the story of Kruče, how she got here, and what it could be. Right now, it’s not a whole lot: this town is largely abandoned.

Abandoned, but so aesthetically pleasing. Some powerful landslides have destabilized the foundations of some structures that are now overhanging. We know that they’ll fall down, but not when. Most buildings have seen better days. Days of paying tourists, seaside vacationing, and laughter. It’s hard to imagine a time when all this was brand-new, but it’s a good exercise for the mind. Most buildings have seen better days, including my host’s semi-squat. For another perspective of Kruče, look at this drone shot:

She’s teaching me to live more freely. I thought I was already doing that, but then I watch her being unapologetically comfortable and kind. Her love and caring for dogs and other beings seems to know no limits. Her presence is good for me, and I hope my presence is good for her, too.

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