Waterproofing my Backpack Before the Next Trip

Waterproofing my backpack before the next trip. This is important maintenance work! I’m doing a lot of preparation works from my mom’s home before I head out again. I’ve been at my mom’s place for a few days since hitchhiking home for Christmas from Istanbul.

Though I love catching up with my family here, I can’t stay for new years because I don’t like to be in this country during that time. The reason? They’ve got this insane fireworks culture in the Netherlands. Everyone can buy fireworks and light them up themselves, which wouldn’t be a problem if there weren’t so many idiots handling tiny explosives. There’s a lot of fuckery and people have aimed fireworks at me before. Fuck that noise! Every year, several people lose a finger, an eye, or their lives. I think it’s staggeringly stupid and it should change.

With this freshly-waterproofed backpack, new hiking boots (thanks mom!), and even snow boots, I’ll be hitchhiking to a friend of a friend’s place in Berlin. From there I’m trying to go to Poznań in Poland to celebrate new years at a friend’s place. After that, it’s time to hitchhike to Belgrade in Serbia where I have more friends. I’ll stop anywhere in between and adapt the route if I see there’s something cool on the way or if another friend (or new friend) contacts me. I’m super stoked about the coming time!


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