Rest in Peace, Dear Hiking Boots

Dear Lowa hiking boots. You’ve served me well in the years mid-2013 till the end of 2014. I have taken you to three continents and tried to treat you the way you deserve to be treated. I’m sorry to have walked holes in you. It was hard saying goodbye and retiring you. You were great for tiny feet. Your replacements still have to prove themselves. I still love you.

I know, it’s just a possession, part of my hitchhiking gear. They can’t live forever.

But I always find it really hard to find proper hiking boots that look badass. These old boots had a few red details and were leather inside and outside. Most women’s – or children’s – hiking boots are PINK AS FUCK. Or purple. That’s the two choices. I really wonder what the fuck is going on in the heads of these shoe designers. Do they really think that outdoors people with tiny foot sizes are sensitive to pink advertising? How about giving people with feet some choice in colors… or using that marketing budget for making the most kick-ass hiking boot ever?

I know, pink is just a color. But it’s often the only color for tiny-footed people. It makes me really mad when they’re trying to make something like hiking boots look unnecessarily cute. They are a tool, not fashion. And if you’re also supposed to pay more for them because of the pink tax, I get extra angry. This is why I try to buy men’s products whenever I can!

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