The Netherlands to Berlin, Germany: Sitting, Waiting, Hitching

My backpack has been sittin’, waitin’, wishin’ for a ride to Berlin in Germany! Today I’m hitchhiking from my mom’s place in the Netherlands to Berling in one day. My folks were kind enough to give me a kickstarting ride to this great gas station along the A1 highway. They had people to visit or things to do in the east of the Netherlands, so it’s great that I could join for a short while. I made sure to snap a picture with my sweet old dog Ashley. Like a comet passing by, I used their gravitational force to launchContinue reading

I’m Going to Brazil! By Repositioning Cruise

Visiting family and going to the beach with friends is a rare opportunity nowadays. Sharing a bottle of wine together and watching the amazing sunsets is not so rare. But why am I downing an entire bottle of cheap wine on the beach in The Hague with Jonas? Okay, I can’t hold it any longer… So I’m just gonna tell you that in a week I’m going to the Canary Islands and then I’m boarding a boat to BRAZIL! 😀 This is terribly exciting stuff. Jonas invited me to come aboard this repositioning cruise ship that will leave Las PalmasContinue reading

Autumn Canals of Utrecht (The Netherlands)

A frosty morning at the canals of Utrecht after catching a ride with my mother from our hometown to her work. Utrecht is my favorite city in the Netherlands. I have to go to The Hague today to renew my passport for further travels… like… really faraway travels… You’ll see that in my other posts! Did you know many cities in Holland other than Amsterdam also have canals? The Netherlands is more than just coffee shops, Amsterdam’s red-light district, and too many bicycles. I don’t think it’s bad for a country’s advertising to be known for these things. It’s just different.Continue reading

Walking to Belgium from Maastricht for Cheap Beer

Remember Jonas whom I met in Tarifa? We met up again after Tarifa in Lisbon, Berlin, and now in Maastricht—that’s my old university town. Together, we walked from my friend’s place in Maastricht across the border into Belgium just to drink a beer at a place called Belvedere. It’s just a bit uphill and then across a bridge. Drinking a beer in a pub is actually cheaper there! And also a lot tastier than in the Netherlands As we were in Germany together before, we talked a lot about the German Reinheitsgebot. Say what you will, but limiting the number ofContinue reading

Free Chocolate for Hitchhikers! To the Netherlands…

When you’re hitchhiking home and some nice Italian guy gives you a box of chocolates! As you might have heard, I’m not wild about chocolate. I think it can be okay and the Ferrero Rocher stuff is a nice energy boost. So I told the guy to keep his chocolates, but it seems like he had stacks and stacks of boxes and he insisted. Perhaps it was a benign smuggling business, who knows. Funny thing: in Europe, I receive chocolate from drivers all the time. It’s such a pattern across countries. Like, why do car owners buy too much chocolateContinue reading

My Evolution of Packing: A History of My Baggage

I wasn’t always a backpacking traveler. Being from a tiny affluent country in Europe, it’s pretty normal to go on holidays abroad (privilege!) and I personally don’t know any of my fellow same-passport holders who haven’t been abroad. Travel has been a part of my life since birth. Normally, we’d travel by car, giving us plenty of room to bring Stuff™ and sometimes we’d go by airplane. Packing light or efficiently wasn’t a concern for the car trips Only for the plane, we’d have to really think about what to pack as there are limits to how much Stuff you can bring. 0. The Carry-A-Corpse Suitcase Amsterdam Schiphol Airport,Continue reading

Rest in Peace, Dear Hiking Boots

Dear Lowa hiking boots. You’ve served me well in the years mid-2013 till the end of 2014. I have taken you to three continents and tried to treat you the way you deserve to be treated. I’m sorry to have walked holes in you. It was hard saying goodbye and retiring you. You were great for tiny feet. Your replacements still have to prove themselves. I still love you. I know, it’s just a possession, part of my hitchhiking gear. They can’t live forever. But I always find it really hard to find proper hiking boots that look badass. TheseContinue reading

Waterproofing my Backpack Before the Next Trip

Waterproofing my backpack before the next trip. This is important maintenance work! I’m doing a lot of preparation works from my mom’s home before I head out again. I’ve been at my mom’s place for a few days since hitchhiking home for Christmas from Istanbul. Though I love catching up with my family here, I can’t stay for new years because I don’t like to be in this country during that time. The reason? They’ve got this insane fireworks culture in the Netherlands. Everyone can buy fireworks and light them up themselves, which wouldn’t be a problem if there weren’tContinue reading

Ashley the Sleeping Dog (My Mom’s)

My dog falling asleep in my coat near the cheese. It’s so cute it hurts. Her name is Ashley and she’s been with my mom’s side of the family since I was ten or elevenish. I grew up with her and taught her tricks. I still remember the stink on my fingers of the dog treats I gave to her when she did a good roll or jump. There are loads of memories here. I kind of realized that I never write much about what life looks like when I’m at my family’s. When I’m at my mom’s my daysContinue reading