Kraków Salsa Class in a Fancy Building (Poland)

Hey Kraków, you do pretty interiors really well!

My friend in Kraków invited me to witness his weekly salsa class. It’s been a while since I’ve been at a ballroom/latin dancing event. That’s something I used to do every week for five years back in high school. Of course, I only had my hiking boots and snow boots. So I refrained from dancing. Also… salsa was somehow one of the few dances we didn’t learn at my dancing school. We did learn the mambo and everyone always told me that it was the same, but when dancing it, something didn’t make sense and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Today, I simply Google it.

Today’s hitchhiking trip from Poznań to Krakow was quite easy. Even though we’re seven days into 2015 and it’s cold, the Polish people are warm. Lots of people would communicate through their windows to say they were going elsewhere or not that far or didn’t have space. It was like I was simply asking a question to strangers, and not doing something weird or revolting. That’s sometimes how I felt hitchhiking in other countries (Denmark). So no one felt offended that I even dared to ask. That’s a pleasant experience.


#Poland (at Hotel Europejski 1884 w Krakowie)

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