Berliner Beers: I Have Arrived in Germany

Quick shoutout to my mom via Tumblr: I have arrived safely in Berlin in three magical hitches! There’s no need to pretend I’m not drinking delicious Berliner beers with my spontaneous couchsurfing host in this city. We all know I love to conclude a victorious hitchhiking day with a cold one. The thing in my other hand is my hitchhiking sign for tomorrow when I’ll try to hitchhike out of Berlin and to Poznań in Poland. Yes, this is just a transient stop in Germany. I used the empty slot on my old cardboard hitchhiking sign for today to write it down.

I’m super excited to return to Poznań. I was there in the summer of 2013 on my first big hitchhiking trip. Now I’ll see it in winter, but I believe I’ve never been more prepared for winter than now. I mean, these snow boots are comfy as fuck.

Now, was it really worth it to enter Berlin instead of hitchhiking around it if I’m only here for one day? Well, I had this invitation here. So I only hitchhiked 543 kilometers today instead of 778 kilometers. Of course, I’d be much more deserving of beers if I’d hitchhiked all the way to Poland today, but the vortex of Berlin is frankly intimidating. The days are also very short and I don’t want to spend a winter’s night stuck at a gas station on Berlin’s ring road. It’s the festive season, for crying out loud!

I’ll follow the tips on HitchWiki to use public transportation to get out of the city and then try to hitchhike. If that doesn’t seem feasible, I’ll take a train to the border and then continue by thumbing. Regardless, I’ll need to be in Poznań before new years to drink cheap Russian champagne with company.

(at Berlin, Germany)

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