Split, Croatia: Reading a Book at the Riva

At the Riva (promenade) in the old town of Split, Croatia. In this lovely town, I got my tan on and went for the book reading beach life today. I’m only in the first chapter, but it seems like Simone de Beauvoir and I have a lot to agree on. A course – one of the few I didn’t hate – I took at university hadThe Second Sex as suggested reading. I’ve been looking for the peace of mind to read such a staple of feminist philosophy. I think I’m ready to read a thick one.

To clarify, the beach I went to is Plaža Bačvice is and the business where this tree broke free is called Žbirac.

tree breaking free split croatia Plaža Bačvice

The Slovenian guys drove me north from Dubrovnik to Split. I didn’t intend to go here at first on my way to Malta, but someone from Split messaged me and I decided to meet up with her. She’s studying to become a cruise ship captain or another high-ranking position aboard. Croatia is really the land of cruise ships in Europe. There was a slight misunderstanding about hosting, but we found a solution.

I’m also excited about visiting the Marjan protected forest. It’s a hilly peninsula within comfortable walking distance from the old town. This peninsula is probably the reason why I think Split would be a bad city to live in; forest, sea, and city all within a comfortable distance with not too many tourists like in Dubrovnik.

I’ll probably go freecamping there at night. If I’m lucky, it will be stealthy and quiet enough to read a little more in my book. After that, it’s time to travel south again to visit a country I’m very interested in: Albania!


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(Originally published 5 May 2015 @15:01): Live and let grow!
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