A letter of advice to solo female hitchhikers/travelers..

Dear (self-identifying) woman, I usually don’t have solid advice as hitchhiking is very different woman to woman and I don’t think of myself as someone in the position to give you advice, especially the unsolicited kind. While traveling – whether that be by hitchhiking or not – you’ll be in situationsI have never encountered and some of my experiences will never happen to you, despite our general similar experiences of going through life (being perceived) as women. The advice I’ve given you on “only listening to other female solo travelers/hitchhikers” is more about “not listening to men’s advice”; they’ll either tell you it can’t be done as a woman because it’s too dangerous, or they’ll tell you it’s completely safe because they claim to have had this experience – they haven’t. Those *two things men advice you – unsolicited or not – translate very roughly into “don’t leave your front door, you’ll be killed” and “I have no clue what I’m talking about, but go jump from a rooftop, I turned out fine”.… Read more >

Teaming Up

In #Dürres I picked up this #hitchhiker from #Austria who was not doing #autostop in #Albania because of the scary stories going around. He didn’t have a fixed plan so he joined me hitching back to #Tirana (pictured) and onward to #Elbasan where we had a picknick. We’re hitching on towards #Pogradec at lake #Ohrid Read more >

Split Boulevard

#Split boulevard in #Croatia #Hrvatska! I got my tan on and went for the book reading #beachlife today. First chapter, but it seems like #simonedebeauvoir and I have a lot to agree on – of course! #feminism #womensstudies #beeroclock #letsgoswimming #solotravel #Hitchhiking #hitchhiker #tags4likes #hateitorloveit #equality #dealwithit (at Old City, Split, Croatia)

Budgeting: Why I can’t be arsed

Long-term travelers get the same questions all the time about this dreadful topic called “budgeting your trip”. I am the last person to have solid advice for you. I cringe upon hearing the B-word and the following non questions: “How do you fund your travels?” “What’s your daily budget?” “(How much) Do you save for your travels?” My answer to all of them is either “I don’t know” or “who cares?” This is absolutely the most boring topic of travel, and that’s why I’m usually reluctant to share my views. So here goes nothing: First of all, I’m a hitchhiker and hitchhikers don’t plan much to begin with, mostly because it’s totally pointless to do so. I aim for things, but I don’t expect them to happen. Also, I am not entitled to rides, so I might as well prepare for the worst. I can’t give advice to people who don’t hitchhike because I don’t know (and don’t care) how… Read more >

The Hitchhiker’s Wishlist

1. Colorful markers to make ultra cool signs 2. Hiking socks. There’s never enough new unsmelly, hole-free hiking socks 3. Zero-mass tent with zero-mass stakes. Why is this so heavy? 4. Rip-proof, dirt-proof and smell-proof backpack. Preferably with anti food explosion feature too 5. Leather hiking boots with cool laces 6. Magic mattress and sleepingbag Read more >