Maltese Hitchhiking Route (Approximated)

Take a peek at my next approximated hitchhiking route, bringing me to Malta! It’s three times when I’ll have to hitch a boat: Albania to Italy, Italy to Sicily, and Sicily to Malta. How? I have no clue yet. I’ll see it once I arrive at the next step in the Maltese hitchhiking journey. I’m starting in Belgrade (Serbia), then make my way through Bosnia and Herzegovina—a new country for me. After that, it’s time for a return visit to (perhaps Croatia and) Montenegro and then I’ll see Albania for the first time. In Italy, I’m expecting to see Bari and other southern Italian cities on my way to Sicily. I wonder why there’s no bridge to Sicily since the gap looks quite small. (It’s plate tectonics, isn’t it?) From Sicily to Malta should be an interesting stretch.

These hitchhiking routes are approximations of what I think will realistically happen. They never turn out how I imagine them to be. Because A) I don’t plan my travels or read up extensively, I have generic ideas, B) hitchhiking always involves some sidetracking, and C) I might change my mind at any point along the route and do something completely different. I’m 100% sure that this map won’t reflect the coming months accurately.

I wonder how many people in Albania are yacht owners… If there are not enough private yacht owners, I might have to travel further south to Greece to hitchhike a boat to Italy. Greece probably has a better sailing culture than Albania, but I’m ready for surprises. I only included Italy in the route to Malta because each leg would be only one day’s sailing instead of a multi-day sailing endeavor. Keep the bar low!

What do you think about this Maltese hitchhiking route? What would you change or include in the itinerary?

I’m so stoked about this. Bye-bye Belgrade!

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