Sicily to Mainland Italy: Hitchhiking Cosa Nostra

This morning’s hitchhiking selfie from Taormina, Sicily. I slept outside in public for two days in a row now, but it seems like I’m not going to find a shower anytime soon. So I’m curious if people will still stop for me tomorrow. I already covered Catania (in Sicily) to Salerno (on mainland Italy) today. I’m probably headed to the Amalfi Coast to camp close to one of the hiking trails tonight. We’ll see about that.

The smartest move of the day was asking around on the 3-kilometer ferry from Sicily to mainland Italy for a ride to Salerno. I found one with six musicians from Napoli. They were eager to play my guitar in the van during the long road with free storm and thunder!

Although I love ferries, I must say that the idea of the Strait of Messina Bridge also sounds like a good investment. Then I could have just hitchhiked non-stop.

I haven’t seen rain for at least one month. If I were an essentialist, I would claim that not experiencing rain for a month goes really against my northern European nature. Everyone knows that northern Europeans need to be watered frequently… It’s science!

OH YAY I’M BACK ON THE CONTINENT! Now what? Hurry on to get to the HitchGathering in France. I wonder if there will be a certain…cosa nostra feeling among us hitchhikers. Ethnographically speaking it should be wildly interesting.

I wish I’d had more to stay in Sicily. If only someone, anyone, had picked me up with their yacht in Malta, I would have had more time on this island. I also can’t believe how different my proposed – highly idealized – Mediterranean hitchhiking route was and how it’s turning out to be.

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