Mediterranean Hitchhiking Route (Idealized)

A couple of days ago I found out there’s a HitchGathering in the south of France in early August. The planned location is exactly where my family is going to be on holiday. So I will need to step up my hitchhiking pace to make it there on time! This is the approximate Mediterranean hitchhiking route I would want to take to travel to France on time. It’s an idealized version because everything will have to go extremely well in the coming two/three weeks for this route to work.

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To be precise, this Mediterranean hitchhiking route includes going from Malta where I am now to Sicily. I’m hoping to hitchhike another yacht in that direction. Then from Sicily – yet another island – I’d like to make my way to Sardinia, also by boat hitchhiking. Sardinia is also an island, so I’d like to hitch another boat to Corsica. Corsica is – as you guessed – also an island. It’s getting a little tedious now, but I’d love to hitchhike a boat from Corsica to mainland France or Monaco. When I’m on mainland Europe again, I’ll definitely pass through Monaco for a short visit. Then from Monaco, it should be easy to hitchhike north in France to the Drôme and Ardèche departments for my family visit and meeting my hitchhiking colleagues…

…And that’s right around the time when my birthday is!


There’s absolutely #nopressure to get this done on time!


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