The Blue Lagoon from Comino

Ain’t it pretty? I took this photo from the super small island of Comino here in Malta. What you see in the picture is the tiny islet of Cominotto (“little Comino”), which features a cool and fairly scary cave. One can swim the 100 meters across the narrow bit to Cominotto (which I did), but a fair warning for potential currents and jellyfish is needed.

On my way to Cominotto, I had no problems. Though on the way back, the currents dragged me away quite a bit. Then at one point I could reach the seafloor with my feet, took a breath, then saw a jellyfish right next to me! But I managed to not freak out – I kind of hate sea animals – and also avoided touching the jellyfish. No stings, this time. There are many experiences I want in life, but getting cozy with a jellyfish isn’t one of them.

I had a good swim here after camping on this tiny island. Unfortunately, it gets extremely busy in the afternoon with tourists. So if you’re going here, I really recommend camping out the night before to be extra early. This is one of the ‘calm’ pictures I took before a whole fleet arrived. About thirty people per five minutes hit the beach. Good thing I came early!

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