A Modern Odyssey: Sailing Theatre Company in Valetta, Malta

At the marina in Valetta, I met this Italian lady who is an actor with a theatre company. That wouldn’t be remarkable without the tidbit that they’re traveling by a huge sailing boat. They’re sailing all over Europe to perform and they even carry their own stage stuff around. Fittingly, they’re doing part of Homer’s Odyssey, right here at the marina. It’s giving me some flashbacks to Greek class in high school, which was basically all Illiad and Odyssey. They let me sleep in the dressing room, which they call a ‘loft’. The cooks of the ship are Dutch and they’ve fed me and taken excellent care of me.

This picture is of one of their performances at the Valetta Grand Marina. I expected them to need a lot of space and preparation, but they just seem to know what they’re doing at all times. The entire team impresses me a lot

They’re sailing to Lampedusa, which is a little Italian island southwest of here. Lampedusa is the island that’s infamous as the first port of call for overloaded, non-seaworthy dinghies full of inhumanely trafficked immigrants. In other words: people who just want to escape from the conflict regions of the world. Justifiably so. The actors will sail there in a few days and there’s sort of an invitation open for me to join them to Lampedusa and onwards to Sardinia.

I wouldn’t be on time for the HitchGathering in France, but it would be extremely cool to travel with these people and see them perform everywhere. I still don’t have a boat hitch to Sicily (or anywhere else for that matter), but I’ll keep looking! It’s definitely not as easy as I’d hoped…

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