Decorations, Ajvar, and Seaside Shenanigans (Kruče, MNE)

Today we made some year-round tree decorations for Aleksandra’s place in Kruče. These trees overlook the Adriatic seaside here and the decorations catch the sunlight beautifully. I’m a fan of this idea of decorating. So far, I haven’t been bored. Perhaps I should have become an interior (exterior?) decorator or something. It’s nice.

As you might have noticed, what started as a few days in Kruče has become more than a week already. Aleksandra has extended her invitation here and I feel very welcome. I’m reading a book called The Price of Salt/Carol in the sunshine and am enjoying it. We often walk to the shop up the hill to the main road. They have jars of something called ajvar there, but it’s not the regular paprika/bell pepper one that’s a bright red or orange; this one is more olive green and made wholly with eggplants. It’s a food I can’t get enough of. It’s vegetarian and so flavorful!

Almost every day, we go down to the beach and dip in the sea. There’s no one around here except friends of Aleksandra’s who come by on invitation. My daily salt bath makes me feel very happy and floaty. And Lu Lu the dog is a great companion at the stony beach, where we’ve picked up many of the decorations for the trees in the form of seashells.

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