Black Lake in Durmitor National Park (Žabljak, Montenegro)

This afternoon I went for a hike around the Black Lake close to Žabljak (1450 meters above sea level). It’s in Montenegro’s Durmitor National Park. The lake is made up of the Big and the Small Black Lakes. In the picture, I’m sitting at the narrow passage between them. In one month, the lakes will be smaller and will separate from each other so one can ‘walk an 8’ around both. There is still a lot of snow in this area and as it is melting from the Durmitor mountain tops, there are many waterfalls around the trails.

I tried to walk around both lakes, encountered the waterfall, took off my shoes, and waded through it. But that wasn’t the last waterfall; I had crossed four of them when I found a fifth at the foot of the highest mountain of the Balkans and sadly, I couldn’t cross the fifth one… it was too deep and too violent! I had to hike back to the start and enjoyed my little picnic at this tranquil place. For a moment, I considered walking through the shallow part here to the other side, but I would have probably fallen over and ruined my camera.

The night time temperature here in Žabljak is about 5°C, so it’s still too cold for camping with my summer gear. But I will be back! I hope I’ll be back… it’s so damn beautiful here.

P.S. I saw many frogs mate or attempt to mate at the Black Lake, which was quite entertaining.

P.P.S. Now I’m at a petrol station close to Cetinje. To get here, I hitched a fantastic extended Lada Niva 4×4 and a petrol truck (and oooh I’ve missed trucks!). Then I got a free beer and some snacks. Fabulous!

P.P.P.S. I checked into a hostel here in Žabljak. Besides the cold, I need a good night’s rest after the urban camping in Nikšić.

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