Hitchhiking from Lake Van to Batman, Turkey

When hitchhiking out of Van, I had to thumb my way around Lake Van (Van Gölu). I’m on my way to Batman. Why? I don’t know, it sounds like a funny place. I don’t want to study ever again, but Batman University does pique my curiosity.

Hitchhiking around such a huge body of water is also a good time. It’s incredibly beautiful here, though it’s cold. I’m very happy with my spanking new leggings from Iran. They’re really thick and have an inner layer that’s made of fleece. Fashionable and warm!

While waiting for a ride nearby the ferry to Akdamar island at Lake Van, I even encountered a sweet little stray Van Cat. They looked healthy, but no cat should ever be homeless. It’s heartbreaking.

Then I caught a ride and took a short video of the experience somewhere near Yelkenli. Check the map below the video to see the Streetview version.

I’ve decided that I’ll travel through eastern Turkey for a bit for now. But I really need to return here one day in another season. Even though I’m prepared and cozy, I think it would be a lot more pleasant to go hiking with more hours of daylight at my disposal. All in all, I think Lake Van and its surroundings are definitely worthy of a return visit.

One day!

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