Sibiu to Timișoara: A Fluffy Hitchhiking Companion in Romania

When hitchhiking from pleasant Sibiu to Timișoara, I had a very lucky ride. The driver couple had this very sweet dog that I shared the back seat with. I know, I know… the dog looks like she’s not having a great time or is quite hungover. But I swear the dog was just enjoying my scritches. As this huge dog was a source of heat, I soon had to take off my winter hat, gloves, scarf, and coat to make this work.

I’ve been wanting to travel to Timișoara since that first summer hitchhiking trip around Europe in 2013. I’d heard good things about the place. It was towards the end when I had to decide what to cut out of the itinerary to make it back to my university in Maastricht. So I decided to visit Cluj-Napoca instead and cut out Timișoara from the itinerary. From Cluj, I traveled on to Debrecen in Hungary. From there, I caught my very first hitch with a truck driver to Budapest. Ah, such great memories!

Timișoara is also the place where the 1989 Romanian Revolution began, so it seems like an interesting place. It’s also almost Easter, so I’ve been told.

This will also be my final stop before returning to Belgrade in Serbia. Most of the things I want to see and do in Romania are summer things, so I’m clearly here in the wrong season. When will I return? You may place your bets.


#Hitchhiking with a huge dog in the car. Love it! #Sibiu #Romania #Timişoara (Originally published on 13-4-15, but the photo is from 3-4-15)

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