Cruise-camping on the Equator

A beautiful sunrise on the Mid Atlantic Ocean, just a little south of the equator! Instead of sleeping in the cabin without windows, some people on the cruise ship opted for sleeping in the silty, ocean air on the top deck. The night I went “cruise-camping” was by far the best night of sleep I’ve had – and sweet baby Jesus, THAT SUNRISE!

Being on a cruise ship for 12 days means being dictated by the breakfast, lunch and dinner times and the effort the animation team puts in to entertain the 500 people on board. If you’re still bored then, it’s time for some self entertainment by doing something different every single day. I’ve been reading some really inspiring books, most prominent of them A Sense of the World: How a Blind Man Became History’s Greatest Traveler by Jason Roberts, which chronicles the adventures of Lieutenant James Holman, who had a habit of hitchhiking ships (ha!) and did some other really cool stuff while completely blind. Why has nobody heard of this guy if he’s indeed “History’s Greatest Traveler”? That subtitle that made me a little suspicious before reading it, but this guy has covered some ridiculous distances – for real yo. Really inspiring and a really enjoyable read for someone who is stuck while slowly peddling across the Atlantic Ocean.

Being on a cruise ship doesn’t mean you have to behave like the “standard cruise people,” so spending the night cruise-camping in the warm open air to catch the first rays of daylight is a plain awesome idea! I just don’t know which one of the other hippies on board I can credit with it. The available sunbeds turned into regular night beds with a little help from my camping gear – dear sleeping bag, sleeping bag liner and improvised pillow. Because why not.

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