71 Reasons to Visit South America in 2017

Whether you’re a hitchhiker, a digital nomad, or a holidaymaker, South America is absolutely phenomenal. Let’s not hold off on that long-desired trip to the southern hemisphere any longer! Without further ado, here’s your randomly ordered justification to go ahead and get south the coming year: 1. Firstly, pick up fifty shades of Spanish! As a result of colonialism, South America is quite homogeneous language-wise, with Spanish and Portuguese being the most spoken. Or mix ’em up and you get “Portuñol“. Learn just enough Portuguese to make your trip to Brazil easy-peasy with Duolingo or Memrise. So instead you want toContinue reading

Experiences of 2015, #3: Tarifa’s Digital Nomad Scene

#3.Tarifa’s Digital Nomad Scene This story about Digital Nomad life in Tarifa is part of a series on the epic experiences I’ve had of 2015. Part 1 is about Albania and Part 2 about hitchhiking an airplane over Malta. I wasn’t even planning to make a stop here until I knew this place is also the Southernmost Point of Europe on Land, but I’m more than happy that I did visit the beach town of Tarifa in Spain. My Samsung tablet had just broken a day prior, so I was “blind” hitchhiking from La Linea, close to Gibraltar, to thisContinue reading

Santos Shipping, São Paolo (Brazil)

In the port of Santos, near Sao Paulo, Brazil, where the cruise ended and hitchhiking on the mainland continues. Santos is apparently the biggest port of Latin America, so it’s not uncommon to see these huge container ships passing by or lying in wait in front of the port. Love the moodiness of the weather! I swear I find containerships beautiful. Unironically beautiful. Aggressively functional is an aesthetic. Much like architecture, I think the shape, size, and design of containerships reflects our world. Yada yada globalization. I think that on the whole, this is a positive development. Because I like drinking coffee ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ DidContinue reading

Cruise-camping on the Equator

Witnessing a beautiful sunrise on the Mid Atlantic Ocean, just a little south of the equator! Instead of sleeping in the cabin without windows, some fellow hippies on the cruise ship opted for the silty, ocean air on the top deck. As we traveled southward by repositioning cruise, the temperature rose and this became a comfortable option. The night I went ‘cruise-camping’ was by far the best night of sleep I’ve had. And sweet baby Jesus, LOOK AT THAT SUNRISE! Being on a cruise ship for 12 days means being dictated by the breakfast, lunch, and dinner times. On topContinue reading

NomadCruise Arrival in Santos, Brazil

Hooray, I’m back online! Almost two weeks ago I boarded this little boat with the NomadCruise to make my first Atlantic crossing to Brazil. I’ve finally arrived! The Digital Detox on the ship was tough but worth it. However, would I perhaps take a repositioning cruise again? Hmm… to be completely honest, I’d prefer to hitchhike another sailing yacht. Now I’ve got some catching up to do with you guys and the internet in general. I’m currently staying in Santos, close to Sao Paulo, and will be hitchhiking towards Perú in a few days. Yes, that is to say, I’llContinue reading

Geocaching and Tree Climbing in Treptower Park (Berlin, Germany)

I’m in Berlin now and today was a good day for tree climbing and geocaching. These were the only activities that kept me warm in this forsaken cold and moist weather… And tree climbing is way more fun as an adult! During one tree-ascent, Jonas found a geocache by accident, that’s when we started looking for more. If I sound grumpy, it’s because I’m trying to go 24 hours without smoking a cigarette. That sounded like a good bet to make last night with one of Jonas’ friends. Tree climbing is an excellent activity to keep one’s mind away from theContinue reading